Updating your Will

Your Will should be updated whenever there are any changes in your circumstances, in your relationships or if your chosen executor/s is/are unable to execute your Will for some reason.  If you marry, divorce, separate, have children, enter into or end a de facto or same sex relationship, make a major financial acquisition or experience some change in either your financial circumstances or relations, and you do not wish to die intestate, it is important that you make a new Will as soon as possible.  Even if you have purchased, given away or sold a major asset such as a house or car,  you should write a new Will.  If you or anyone else named in your Will changes their name or contact details it is a good idea to update your Will.  Keeping your Will current and up to date makes it easier for your executor to carry out your wishes.  It is usual to review your Will at least every 5 years and completely satisfy yourself that all details are correct.